Celebrating Baptism in our Parish

Christian Baptism is celebrated in our Parish as a Community Event. Newly-born children are welcomed together into the Christian Community. When Children are baptised, the Community takes on a commitment to support them as they grow in their faith as Christians.

To request baptism for your child please contact the Parish Office situated in the Parish Centre.

Phone: 846 1561

You will then be given the Pre-Baptismal Literature and the dates for the Preparation Meetings and Parish Baptisms.

Preparation Meetings for parents and godparents, which are suspended at the moment, are usually held on the last  Wednesday of each month in the Parish Centre.

Christian Baptism is celebrated in Saint Anne’s Church on the First and Third Sundays of each month at 1:30 p.m.

Celebrating Baptism together, as a Parish Event, brings out much more clearly that the children being baptised are being initiated into the Christian Community.


If you require a copy of a Baptism/Confirmation Certificate click on the link here to download an Application Form. When you have completed the Form post it to:
Parish Office
St. Anne’s Church

Strand Road
Co. Dublin 
D13 WK33

Scan the completed document and e-mail to

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